As a long-standing and established real estate developer in the Greek market, we have a breadth of experience that has driven us successfully through not only years of prosperity but also those of crisis. Our diligent assessment combined with the correct level of confidence have led the company’s developments to stand out amongst the competition time and time again. In our ongoing efforts to excel in our local market, we seek to partner with like-minded people in aim of realizing a new or existing vision.


Our investments are executed on a deal-by-deal basis, providing our partners with concise and relevant information, either as an opportunity is being assessed or once it has been secured. This approach highlights the project’s attributes, provides a clear business plan and the target for investor returns. Our deal-by-deal co-invest philosophy means investors can have far greater discretion on when and what they deploy capital into.


We are invested in all the projects we decide to take on, simply because we believe it’s the best place for our own capital to grow. We have a strong foothold in the market, giving us and our partners the advantage to leverage off of that in a number of ways. Whether it be the sourcing of new and sound opportunities, obtaining the best pricing possible for materials or the ability to raise debt in the local market, we are ideally positioned to secure what is necessary to help ensure the success of our investments.


Please let us know of your interest and we will be happy to present our current investment opportunities to you.